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now, where were we?

How it all started

In 2012, sisters Annabelle Wilson & Sophie McSweeney took a giant leap of faith and opened Elevator Studios – a dynamic dance studio for adults and children.

Both former lawyers, and mothers to 7 young children, their aim was to combine Sophie’s 15 years experience teaching dance with their mutual knowledge of business and raising small people, to create a place where children could develop a lifelong love of dance, music and movement. In addition to developing technical skill and co-ordination, the sisters really wanted students to learn the importance of respect, discipline, teamwork, commitment, and the joy associated with working hard and achieving your goals.

Adult classes followed – and Elevator has the reputation as Melbourne’s best dance studio for casual classes for Musical Theatre professionals and training professionals. Our adult teachers are all leading industry professionals and include Melbourne’s most highly respected choreographers, performers and educators – Michael Ralph, Kim Adam, Robert Sturrock, Dana Jolly, Natalya Bobenko, Steven Grace & Nathan Pinnell.

We are so proud of our vibrant dance community and the talent, determination and joy that fills Elevator’s studios every day. Join us – and share in the magic!!

This is us

Our Wonderful Team Now

  • Sophie McSweeney
    Sophie McSweeney Director
  • Natalya Bobenko
    Natalya Bobenko Teacher
  • Rob Sturrock
    Rob Sturrock Teacher
  • Kim Adam
    Kim Adam Teacher
  • Michael Ralph
    Michael Ralph Teacher
  • Dana Jolly
    Dana Jolly Teacher
  • Nathan Pinnell
    Nathan Pinnell Teacher


  • Courtney Gledhill
    Courtney Gledhill Teacher
  • Brittany Page
    Brittany Page Teacher


  • Jayden Hicks
    Jayden Hicks Guest Teacher


  • Steven Grace
    Steven Grace Teacher


  • Lukas White
    Lukas White Teacher
  • Lauren Ferreira
    Lauren Ferreira Teacher
  • Shelley Skinner
    Shelley Skinner Teacher


  • Mikayla McGregor
    Mikayla McGregor Teacher


  • Claire Cuttler
    Claire Cuttler Fitness Instructor


  • Sam Dashwood
    Sam Dashwood Teacher


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Level 1, 2-4 River Street South Yarra

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Tel (03) 90775459

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