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Elevator Studios Kids Classes

At Elevator Studios we provide quality dance classes for children aged 3-17 in a safe, clean and inspiring environment. Our teachers approach their classes with knowledge, insight and interest for every student.

Children can enjoy classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Acro, Ballet, Boys Only Hip Hop, Kinder Ballet & Jazz and Musical Theatre.

Classes are generally grouped by age or school year level, however in some circumstances, children may be accelerated based on ability.  Students who are not up to the class standard of their age group may be required to take classes in a younger age group, in addition, in order to develop their skills.

We love welcoming new students to Elevator, however mid-year enrolments are subject to approval. Please read the following enrolment info:

  • Students are encouraged to enrol from the beginning of the year (We run on Victorian State School term dates)

  • Students are welcome to join during the course of term 1 & 2, however start of the term is preferred

  • Term 1 & 2 classes focus on skill development and technical progression. This is a vital aspect for students’ learning in all dance styles

  • Enrolments at the commencement of term 3 will only be accepted if the student can demonstrate an adequate skill level that meets the general level of the class. Students who do not already have the skills required to participate in the concert will be recommended an alternative class or a deferred enrolment (to commence at the start of the following year).

  • No enrolments will be accepted during term 4. Concert work commences in term 3 and to ensure class time is fairly allocated to current students, no new students will be permitted to join

  • For further discussion on the above policy, please call the studio on (03)9077 5459 or email

Online Enrolment


Elevator Studios has compulsory uniform and footwear requirements.

Please note, all branded dance and sportswear is PROHIBITED from class (this includes any external branding on Lululemon, Nike, Adidas, 2XU etc.).


Uniform:  PrePrimary and Primary Ballet require a lavender ballet uniform.  Grade 1 and above require a navy ballet uniform.  Our uniforms can be purchased at Capezio or Bloch stores.  Both have an Elevator Studios Uniform card and will be able to help you with all your requirements.

Footwear:  Ballet slippers are required for all levels.


Uniform:  All black – any combination of slim fitting dance wear ie. leotard, singlet, crop top, bike shorts and/or leggings.

Footwear:  Black jazz shoes.


Uniform:  All black – any combination of slim fitting dance wear ie. leotard, singlet, crop top, bike shorts and/or leggings.

Footwear:  Contemporary – foot thongs or half ballet shoe.

Musical Theatre – Black jazz shoe.  Acro – Black Acro shoes (only available from Bloch)


Uniform:  Black dance or streetwear – baggy tops/pants preferred.

Footwear:  Sneakers.


Uniform:  Dance wear in any colour ie. leotard and skirt, tutu dress, leggings.

Footwear:  Ballet slippers.


Term 1: Monday 29th January – Thursday 29 March
Term 2: Monday 16th April – Saturday 23th June

Term 3: Monday 16th July – Saturday 22rd September
Term 4: Monday 8th October – Saturday 8th December

Elevator Studios Dress Rehearsal and Photo Day: Saturday 17th November (compulsory)
Elevator Studios Tech Rehearsal & Concert: Saturday 24th November 2018 (please note – classes continue after the concert)

**Elevator Studios will be closed on the following Public Holidays:**

Monday 12 March (Labour Day)

Wednesday 25th April (ANZAC Day)

Monday 11th June (Queen’s Birthday)

Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th November (Melbourne Cup Day)

(If your dance class falls on a Public Holiday, students are encouraged to do make-up class in their age group in any discipline to replace the missed class)


Date: Saturday 24th November 2018 (please note – classes continue after the concert)

Time: 5.30-7.30pm

Venue: Elisabeth Murdoch Hall, The Melbourne Recital Centre, 31Sturt Street, Southbank

Children must allocate the entire day for Technical Rehearsal (exact arrival times TBA). For safety reasons, children must participate in the technical rehearsal in order to perform in the Concert. No exceptions.

A Compulsory Dress Rehearsal & Photo Day will be held at Elevator Studios, Saturday 17th November 2018.

Children must attend the Dress Rehearsal and will be unable to perform in the Concert if they have not attended.


Term Fees are due prior to the commencement of each Term.

Early Bird Discounts are available to families in multiple classes.  Early Bird Discounts expire once the Term commences.  Full Fees are payable from the first day of each Term.

A Late Fee of $11 per child per week applies for fees paid after the end of Week 2 of each Term.

Water Bottles must be brought to class.

Parking in Peter Rowland’s car park is prohibited.

We require the completion of an Enrolment Form and Medical Authorisation for each child before they attend a trial or enrol in a class.


If your child is going to be absent from class, please email us and in the Subject line, put ABSENCE and the child’s name.


  • Make Up Classes will only be available to students who have registered their Absence via email.

  • Children are entitled to two Make Up Classes per term only.

  • Make Up Classes are only available in classes that are not at capacity.

  • Make Up Classes need to be requested by email and will be confirmed and registered by us if the requested class has availability.

  • If you would like your child to attend a Make Up Class, please send an email with the Subject line, Make Up Class and the child’s name. We will email you back with confirmation and register them on the role for that class.

  • Please do not send a child to a Make Up Class without registering them first.

  • Children who attend a class into which they have not received confirmation and are not registered, will be required to sit out.

  • Make Up Classes must be taken in the same Term as the Absence.

  • Children whose classes fall on a Public Holiday are entitled to a Make Up Class for classes that fall on that day in addition to the two per student per Term.

2018 PRICES: 
Dance classes – $200 per term
Acro – $240 per term
All NEW students/families to Elevator Studios will be charged a $25 enrolment fee.
Families whose children attend three or more classes will receive a 10% overall discount for fees paid prior to the start of term.
In term 3, a CONCERT PRODUCTION LEVY is included in your invoice.  The levy is $90 per child for their first dance and an additional $35 per class/costume  thereafter.

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